Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The First Miracle

It was the end of September when Daniel got laid off. A year after we decided to add to our family and our dream came true and our life was crushed all at the same time (we have been on a crazy emotional roller coaster). So after we got back from our friends cabin, Daniel finished up at work and started looking for jobs. Pictured below is me and Jake at the cabin.

 I began to look on the bright side, Daniel was home with us helping with all the housework and taking care of Jacob while I was sick and throwing up everytime I tried to eat...or walk...or smile (ok the last one was an exaggeration). During this time Daniel was also going to interviews, applying for jobs, going out and making contacts. He really tried everything he could to get another job. In the meantime I started to work on getting Medicaid for my pregnancy (I will try not to rant about that experience too much, but I will say, the system is broken and failing). It was all very overwhelming. One day 2 ladies from church came over and we were going over things for my new calling (everyone in our church is a volunteer no one gets paid, so the church runs by people getting "callings", or jobs) I was going to be a cub scout leader. I don't remember what happened, but I ended up crying hysterically about what was happening and how scared I was. That afternoon, these 2 sister contacted the relief society president (the women's leader for the congregation) and they had set up a mealtrain for me to have people bring my family food 3 times a week. They told me what they had done, logged on to the mealtrain website and found that it was already full with volunteers for the next 2 weeks!
It was so touching, I sat and just cried (there is a lot of crying when I'm pregnant) I was so grateful to these 2 women that saw that I needed help and went to work right away to make sure my family was fed. And the most wonderful thing is, the people who had signed up to bring us food didn't even know what was happening with my family. That is what is so awesome about church people, they see a need and fill it without question or reason.
That was our first miracle.
I didn't have to worry about food and I didn't have to cook. Every time I went into the kitchen I threw up, so thank goodness someone else was cooking for me 3 times a week. I was so sick until about 20 weeks. I lost a total of 13 pounds. I didn't look so good.
Pictured below is me sleeping with Jake. I did this a lot during my first trimester.

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